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Filtering units

Filtering unit UFO-1-V


The UFO-1-V is designed for cleaning the air from dust and gas impurities emitted at production processes. It is irreplaceable in capturing the dry dust (without caustic pollutants or substances creating explosive conditions) as well as for gases arising during welding, gas metal cutting and other processes in chemical, pharmaceutical, plastic industry, food production etc. The maximum temperature of the conveyed air is 140 F.

Filtering unit UFO-1-V Filtering unit UFO-1-V - dust & air cleaner
Extraction arm & filtering unit


The device consists of:

  • radial fan
  • cartridge filter (pleated polyester paper)
  • cassette filter with needled-cloth impregnated with active carbon
  • net filter – spark catcher
  • pneumatic filter regeneration system
  • control unit
  • housing on castors

The polluted air is drawn in through a Ø 6" ferrule. Further it is transported through a net filter, cartridge filter into the filtering chamber and then to the cassette filter. The impurities that accumulated on the outer surface of the cartridge filter are struck down by the filter regeneration system to the waste-container (systematic emptying is needed). The filter regeneration system consists of a compression air tank and electro-valve. The device has to be connected to the external compression air installation; (here a hose is needed so User could displace the device easily).

Maintenance of the device consists in activities:

  • periodical cleaning the net filter (after several months)
  • every 1–2 years – replacement of the cartridge filter
  • periodically replace the cassette filter (in application for welding, replace it after several months)

Needled-cloth impregnated with active carbon absorbs most of the vapours and gases in industry. In welding application it
is capturing the carbon monoxide at 77 % efficiency and sulphur dioxide at 73 %.

The device is adapted to work with the ERGO extraction arm. Depending on the fan start mode, there are two versions of the device:

  • UFO-1-V – manual fan start. Apply the ERGO-L-3-R extraction arm.
  • UFO-1-V-A – automatic fan start. The fan is operated at the moment of welding arc flash. In this version the hood is additional equipped with a halogen spotlight. Apply the ERGO-LH-3-R arm.
Filtering unit UFO-1-V Structure
Filtering unit UFO-1-V

Technical data

Type Part # Volume
[in. w.g]
Motor rate
pressure of
air [bar]
Noise level
UFO-1-V 704U48 650 2 120 1.5 6 68 353
UFO-1-V-A 704U63

Cartridge filter

Filtering unit UFO-1-V cartridge filter Type Part # Filtering
[sq. ft]
Filter material Filtering
PT-20-T 838F29 215 teflon-coated
99.5 %
  • welding dusts, dry
    fine dusts, for example:
    bismute, detergents,
    cement, dust in food
    production, pharmaceutical
    industry, chemical industry
  • water and oil resistant

Cassette filter with needled-cloth impregnated with active carbon

Filtering unit UFO-1-V cassette filter Type Part #
KF-U-1 838K10

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