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Industrial Fans

Flange Fastened Fans WP-E

Radial Stand Fans WPA-E-UL

These fans are designed for local exhausts. They are installed on wall brackets within the rooms (indoor application). As they can overcome significant air flow resistances, they are particularly efficient within the systems of local exhausts..

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Portable fans WP-P

Portable Radial fans WPA-P-UL

Principally, portable radial fans are meant for use in air-supply- or extraction ventilation systems of rooms and workplaces. They can be applied, both for general ventilation and local exhausts (technological extraction). Additionally, WPA-P-UL fans can be applied for drying the humid rooms by forcing the multiple air exchanges.

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Roof fans WP-D

Roof fans WPA-D-UL

Roof fans are used for overall ventilation or local extraction. They are reliable and efficient in application with ventilation systems and extraction units because of the increased fan pressure compared with traditional roof fans.

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Radial roof fans - SMART-UL

SMART-UL fans have been designed for general ventilation of buildings. They are meant for forwarding the dry air of maximum temperature 140 ˚F, and dustiness not exceeding 0,3 g/m³, without viscous, aggressive pollutants or substances that could cause explosion risk.

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