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Welcome to KLIMAWENT USA, LLC - the worlds leading supplier of dust collectors, fume arms, fume extractors and other environmental controls and air filtration equipment.

Klimawent USA, LLC offers extraction arms, hose reels, filtering units, fans and other ventilation units designated to harmful technological processes.

Heavy duty is the crucial advantage of our appliances as a result of precise manufacturing process and supervision of the quality on each stage of manufacturing process, even in the smallest details and of course on the final product.
Future of our company is continuously associated with the search of a better way of fulfilling the expectations and request of our customers. The whole range of our activity is subordinated right to this idea.

In everyday practice we are trying to supply our customers with long life, reliable, efficient, aesthetic, and ergonomic devices.

Klimawent develops the traditions, the field of ventilation connected with supplying people with the clean air on their work places, become a passion that dominated our live. We further and further develop it and experience it, sharing it among our contributors and customers. We are proud that we know about ventilation almost everything.

We are continuously investing in modern infrastructure and advanced technologies, in qualifications of employees as well as in successful methods of managing, scientific research, and improvement of the processes and appliances.

Now days, the technological potential of Klimawent, based on numeric controlled machines, ensures unlimited possibilities for fulfilling the requirements and needs of our customers in the field of ventilation. Our assortments amounts in over 120 products prepared carefully, being our own solution, carried out by our team of engineers. All solutions passed successfully the test in the Klimawent Research and Development Laboratory.

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